Welcome Back - Board Break Event

Join us for a special Board Breaking Event

This special event is designed to welcome our returning members back into the school IN-PERSON!

Class sizes are limited, so we’re offering multiple dates and times. And because of Covid concerns and our efforts to allow students to determine their levels of exposure, we’re offering special “Vax Only” classes and “Open” classes at each location. This will allow members to proactively decide their own level of risk.

BBreak, Alexander's Martial Arts Madison AL

Vax Only Instructions

In order to provide the option for a “Vax Only” class, we need to ask additional information from those who would like to participate in that group. Here’s the basic list or requirements to opt into that group.

1. Follow Covid-19 Protocols at the bottom of this page.

2. Provide proof of vaccination for member and spectator/guardian. Please register online for the event, then you’ll receive instructions on how to submit your vaccine verification via email.

2. Check-in before the event to verify you’re on the specific roster.

General Covid Protocols

1. Do not attend class if you feel ill (vaccinated or not).

2. Maintain 6 ft social distance.

3. Wear mask at all times.

4. Drop-off and pickup times are 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after class.

5. One spectator is allowed per student. Zoom steam of ALL youth classes will run during class – you can watch from anywhere.

6. Please bring your own water bottle – feel free to fill at the fountain.

7. Wash hands before entering the building.