Halloween Glow-Saber Event
Saturday, October 30th

Join us for a special GLOW IN THE DARK SABER EVENT!

We‘ll teach a mix of cool sword moves based on Traditional Kenjutsu, Sword Fighting, and Exciting Jedi Skills! No martial arts skills necessary to participate (so you can bring / invite friends to this special online event) AND each participant will get a Glow-Saber as part of the event.

COST $25 for the class and Saber

REGISTER NOW so we can get your SABER in time for the class!

This is an ONLINE EVENT!

Please register ASAP - we need to order the SABERS and then get them to you for the class. The sooner we have numbers, the better we can get them in-stock and then out to our members.

This is going to be a BLAST!!!!