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     Midori Yama Karate as taught at Alexander’s is a combination of traditional martial arts and modern kickboxing. Traditional martial arts teaches body awareness and coordination. And by blending Kickboxing and Aiki-jitsu techniques, our modern system  teaches practical and effective self-defense skills at all levels. 
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     Our classes are taught by certified Black Belt Instructors who continually train in kickboxing and traditional martial arts (karate and kobudo). Classes feature self-defense training combined with cardiovascular endurance based exercises designed to get you in incredible shape and teach valuable self-defense skills too!

Adult Four-Week Starter Course $69

     Adults tend to want to “try it out” and that’s exactly what our Four-Week Starter Course allows you to do. You’ll start with an orientation class so you can learn some fundamentals and basic protocols and then you’ll have Four-Weeks of classes to make sure it’s a good fit.
Our program includes:
Adult Martial Arts Classes