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Jujutsu classes for adults


     Midori Yama Jujutsu is based on Kodokan Judo, Daito Ryu Jujutsu, and Aiki Jujutsu. At it’s core, our program tends more toward the self-defense as opposed to competitive Jujutsu. Aiki Jujutsu as interpreted by Leo D. Wilson, Shihan (founder of our system in 1964) encompasses striking skills from Karate as well as the throws, chokes, and joint manipulations of Aiki Jujitsu. The result is a solid striking and grappling system for self-defense. 
Women Self Defence


     Our classes are taught by Black Belt Jujutsu instructors with years of teaching experience. The training surfaces are protected with state of the art Zebra ™ Mats to ensure a clean and safe training environment. Classes are focused on the self-defense and fitness aspects of Jujutsu so the atmosphere is all about personal growth.

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     Come join us for a FREE TRIAL LESSON. You’ll get to meet the team and learn a little about Midori Yama Jujutsu. Just follow the link below to schedule you’re first lesson. 
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