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Special Discount for Fully Vaccinated New Members

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     After two years of finding alternate ways to teach our AWESOME STUDENTS (kids and adults alike) we feel in-person classes are again safe for staff and students! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we’re 100% back to normal. We are continuing to take Covid-19 precautions and we’re splitting the rosters into “FULLY VACCINATED” and “OPEN” rosters, so people who feel safer training with other fully vaccinated members have that option. We’re also limiting class size to maintain proper social distancing (on the floor and in viewing areas), wearing masks, and checking temperatures at the door. All of this is to help protect our staff and students. 
     Because those who are vaccinated present a lower risk to our staff and other members, we’re offering a special discount to new members who voluntarily provide proof of full vaccination. It’s just one way we can thank you for helping us to provide as safe an environment as possible to our staff (and by extension our families) and our members.

Thank You for helping us meet our mission: 
“Making a Positive Difference…One Black Belt at a Time”

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"Well respected and knowledgeable. Family oriented with strong, old school values, of honor, respect, and discipline."
"Every piece of communication, written, electronic or verbal has been excellent. This is an active place, there is always something going on... kudos!!"
"Wonderful place to learn, very professional and easy to relate to."
"Thank you for the wonderful instruction, caring patience and enthusiastic coaching!"