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2 Virtual, Live-Streaming lessons of Adult Jujutsu Classes!... Plus, FREE T-Shirt!... For Just $10!

“So fun, it’s addicting!” Our amazing JuJutsu program is now available via LIVE STREAM from home! With a live an Instructor, Plus an Observing Instructor. Burn fat & build lean muscle, fast. Plus, it’s so much fun!

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2 Online Classes

FREE T-Shirt!

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Participate LIVE, From Home, On ANY Device!

Phone? Tablet? Computer? You can receive that hands-on attention just like in studio. Yes, Yes, Yes! You can follow along with our LIVE classes from the safety and comfort of home.

We send you a link via email and SMS. You click it. You’re in! EASY!

Our JuJutsu Classes are based in Huntsville, but people can join in LIVE from all over the world!

Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, Fast.

JuJutsu will work your body in totally new ways. You’ll build muscles you never even knew you had. Hundreds of people here in Huntsville and worldwide can’t believe the incredible transformation.

Jujutsu classes for adults
virtual women fitness class

Maintains a sense of structure, activity, and normalcy.

Recreation and social outlets are getting closed all across the country, taking away some of the most important outlets adults have. By participating in Live Stream JuJutsu Classes, you can stay active, connect with others, and develop a positive routine during these crazy times.

Meet Our Incredible & Kind Community.

We’re practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. Now we get the opportunity to train JuJutsu with people in Huntsville and worldwide, AND develop skills that help us succeed in everything we do, all from the comfort of our living rooms.

We’re a big, goofy family here. We cheer each other on. We make each other smile and laugh. The workouts are fun — the friendships make it even funner.

Adult Jujutsu class virtual device
Madison Adults Jujutsu Program

Powerful Self-Defense Keeps You Safe.

It’s not just a workout — it’s a life-saving skill. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, even if an attacker is bigger and stronger than you, especially in these uncertain times.

No Experience Required!

Never grappled in your life? No problem. Most of our members started out just like you. And like them, before you know it, you’ll look & feel like a pro.

Women Self Defence

2 Virtual, Live-Streaming lessons of Adult Jujutsu Classes!... Plus, FREE T-Shirt!... For Just $10!

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"Well respected and knowledgeable. Family oriented with strong, old school values, of honor, respect, and discipline."

"Wonderful place to learn, very professional and easy to relate to!"

"Every piece of communication, written, electronic or verbal has been excellent. This is an active place, there is always something going on... kudos!!"

"Thank you for the wonderful instruction, caring patience and enthusiastic coaching!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our JuJutsu Program

No, not at all!  We find that people start at varying fitness levels.  But, you will find that you do get fit by doing our Huntsville martial arts classes.  Isn’t that the point, though? A fun workout that gets results!

All of our classes are open to all skill levels, beginner through advanced. We focus on the fundamentals of jiujitsu, which are simply the most effective parts of the art. We also do a lot of specific drilling and training, which teaches you how to apply techniques and movements during a “live” roll.

No, Competition is not for everyone. And, not all competitions are the same. It can be a good way for students to learn and test their skills, and strive for outstanding achievement. And it is important to be selective as to which competitions are entered. However, you will find that our experienced Instructors can create that type of learning environment within the class.

Depending on your membership, live-streaming martial arts lessons and/or On Demand recorded lessons are a perfect way for kids and adults to learn martial arts in the comfort of your own home. Some people choose a combination of in-person and online/virtual martial arts lessons in the Alexander’s Martial Arts Huntsville area. Have a chat with one of our Instructors, to find the best solution for your martial arts journey.

We do only have a certain amount of space in our martial arts training area.  To take advantage of our limited time offer…. The fastest way is to fill in the form. 

Additionally, you can always call us, we would love to chat with you about what we do, and if our Huntsville martial arts classes would be a great fit for you and your family!

Absolutely! Women really find that the benefits of doing martial arts training in JJ is that they learn to protect themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent. Something they never thought was possible. We think ALL women should know how to protect themselves, especially on the ground!

Yes, initially some women find that the close training proximity might be a little uncomfortable. But don’t worry! We will ease you into it, and before long you will be feeling confident, powerful and really looking forward to your regular JJ classes in Huntsville.

Yes, our Instructors are very experienced in this new way of learning. We have found students in Alexander’s Martial Arts Huntsville and around the country really LOVE our virtual and online classes – as they can keep focused without distractions of other students and recordings can be paused and rewound for additional clarification on techniques.

Our technology works with a multitude of devices. Tablets, computers, smart TV’s with internet access, smartphones. Obviously, the bigger the screen, the easier it is to see the Instructor.

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