Youth Leadership Training at Alexander's Martial Arts

We use the Zig Ziglar “ICAN” program in conjunction with portions of the Black Belt Schools International communications and coaching curriculum to help our juniors build their Personal Foundations AND to communicate with CONFIDENCE while keeping in mind the adage,

“There are only three ways to lead: by example, by example, and by example”.

Youth Leadership at Alexander's

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I CAN Personal Development from Zig Ziglar.


We chose the Zig Ziglar I CAN Program as our core curriculum for teaching personal development after attending a presentation by Bob Alexander (former Director of Educational Service with Zig Ziglar). The Zig Ziglar company is know for teaching business professionals the tools they need to run ethical and successful organizations and Bob Alexander spearheaded the character development programs for grade school kids through the I CAN Program. We’re proud to bring this program to our kids.

Here’s a description of the I CAN Program from the Alexander Resource Group:

The I CAN Philosophy believes that all kids are trying to get to the doorway of tomorrow which will give them health, happiness, prosperity, friends, peace and security. But they first must understand that the elevator to the top is out of order. It was out of order yesterday, is today, and will be out of order tomorrow. If they want to get the good things out of life, they first of all need to build their lives on a solid foundation (the first module in the program) of honesty, character, loyalty, trust, integrity, and love. They then need to take the remaining steps of attitude, self image, relationships, goals, desire and work (the remaining modules) in order to achieve success.

Black Belt Schools International Instructor Training

As a member school of Black Belt Schools International (this is where we get our instructor training and monthly Black Belt Excellence Newsletters), our staff has been trained to be exciting, professional, motivational, and inspirational instructors. We bring the same fundamental leadership and communications skills to our junior leadership team!

Our mission is to “Make a positive difference in our community. . . One Black Belt at a Time” and we believe the best way for that difference to have the biggest and longest-lasting benefit is through our juniors. 

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Michael Chaturantabut Founder of XMA

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Physical Curriculum developed by World Champion Mike Chat

Many people know Mike Chat as the “Blue Ranger” from the Power Rangers – Lightspeed Rescue. But did you know he is also a 7 time World Forms Champion and founder of the XMA Martial Arts system?

Our school is a licensed XMA School and Mr. Chat has been friends with the Alexander’s since the early 1990’s. We chose his dynamic curriculum because it of Mike’s approach, “Our philosophy is based on developing strong communications skills…it’s not what you do, but how you do it, how you present it”, Mike Chat.

What better physical foundation for teaching our young martial artists to lead by example and present their best selves? 

Plus it’s FUN and EXCITING and these awesome kids deserve the extra challenge!